autism awareness

It's autism awareness month. Yes I am fully involved and I went to my son's school to give them a pep talk on autism and also gave them materials to read in order to understand this issue better. As parents with autistic children, we need to stay strong. But at times, you just get worn... Continue Reading →


I started a 7 day trial on gluten and casein free diet for my son and we made it. Like I said yesterday, I will continue the diet since I have nothing to loose. I am spontaneous and hated restricted diet. I have tried some dieting personally, the latest being ketogenic diet and I always... Continue Reading →


Yipeeeee! I am dancing right now. Bobo is on day 6 of GFCF-diet! Like I said yesterday, it gets easier. So today we continued our diet. Eba and egusi( African native food), beans porridge and chicken.  I wouldn't say there is any dramatic change, but I am happy that he is going off sugar. He... Continue Reading →

Day 5: Easier and better.

Happy new month to you. My son and I are on the fifth day of trying the GFCF- diet. You know, it gets easier by the day and it doesn't feel as restrictive as I thought.  We had yam and egg sauce as breakfast then chicken soup as lunch. He snacked on water melon and... Continue Reading →

Yeah, the journey is moving on steadily. Dad came back today and brought a lot of African foods. So our barn is full of gluten- free food.  So we had rice n chicken in the morning, yam pudding with vegetable sauce in the afternoon and rice again in the evening. He wouldn't take the rice... Continue Reading →

Fresh Outdoor. 

You know the way the TV and computer screen have taken over all child's play  in almost every community.It  is not a bad thing at all as  there are lots of educative apps that your child can choose and learn from . If you   supervise the kids well, you will also be able to... Continue Reading →

Day3: One step at a time. 

Day three is here again. We had egg and diced tomatoes as breakfast. Rice and chicken for lunch and Moin Moin for dinner. Apologies if you do not understand the food I mentioned. I am using some of their local names from western Africa, Nigeria precisely.  So he actually wiped his butt after using the... Continue Reading →

Day 2:Headlong into the Unknown

Yesterday I started a journey into dietary modification for my bobo son. And I promised to keep a progress note. This journal or diary is more for me. I think if other people know about what I am doing,it will keep me committed.  So as spontaneous as I can be, I started d diet plan... Continue Reading →

We have been trying all possible idea to heal bobo of his symptoms. I just started dietary treatment. You know the whole gluten free, casein free diet. This is not the first time I am hearing of it though. Due to my growing up background, I just hate the idea of being on special diet(... Continue Reading →

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