We have been trying all possible idea to heal bobo of his symptoms. I just started dietary treatment. You know the whole gluten free, casein free diet. This is not the first time I am hearing of it though.

Due to my growing up background, I just hate the idea of being on special diet( long story) ,so up till now I totally refused to place my son on diet. I give him everything  other children take; from icecream to juice and biscuit and more staple diet like rice , beans etc. 

Okay, back to food journey, I started gluten free food today and I will see how far it goes n its effect on my boy in d next 7 days. Based on the fact that bobo is a picky eater, I gave him rice and vegetables sauce and boiled egg as breakfast, moin-moin as lunch and same rice n vegetable sauce as dinner. No fruit juice, yeah I gave him orange, real orange not some orange juice in a tetrahedral pak.oh by the way I gave him two pieces of biscuit whuch he had eaten up before I remembered that we are on a special diet. 

So did I notice any change in behavior or symptoms today? The answer is no. Let’s wait and see. I will keep you posted. 

In all these, I still keep praying for him. I won’t lose Faith. 

For more information on gluten free diet, visit mayo clinics website here


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