You are not alone

I am a mother of an autistic child. Yes, he is autistic now but i am keeping my faith that he is going to be healed.There is a saying that Without Faith, nothing is possible and with faith everything is possible. So you see why i am not giving up. I keep digging up new thing as far as they will not harm my boy, i just keep trying.
I also belong to a lot of support group on facebook. This journey can really be lonely, depressing ,and confusing. So one day i just thought, God who will i talk to. Nobody understands me. I have actually lost “friends” because of my son’ s condition. So i started searching for autism parent groups and other support groups on facebook and i joined a few. Those groups gave me a community i can relate with and we celebrate our children’s milestone together. We also discuss findings , therapies, clinic, schools, vent out our frustration, send prayers and hugs and many other things. You can sure be yourself because no body is going to judge you, afterall, you are all rocking same ship.
So if you have a situation like mine and or any other situation, i will encourage you to look out for a support group too. They are out there. You are never alone. Do not loose your faith, your head, your sanity or your life. There will always be someone out there for you.


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