Day 2:Headlong into the Unknown

Yesterday I started a journey into dietary modification for my bobo son. And I promised to keep a progress note. This journal or diary is more for me. I think if other people know about what I am doing,it will keep me committed. 

So as spontaneous as I can be, I started d diet plan yesterday without checking my pantry. When I woke up this morning, I really didn’t know what to give him because there was literally no cooked food in my fridge. So as early as 6 am I made egusi soup with cornmeal (tuwo masara) and chicken. Maybe I will repeat rice in the afternoon again. 

You know, the author I am reading said it dosent matter if d mealplan is monotonous, as far as its healthy and gluten free. So like I thought, hr had rice with boiled egg as lunch and we all had Eba and egusi as dinner. 

Today, he was more relaxed, little tantrum and he was well behaved in the car when we went to do some quick shopping( 15 minutes drive on the first lap and 15 minutes back home) He even had his siesta without being told.  I feel more relaxed today as well. I think I had a win – win day today for my son and I.

So tomorrow is day three. I promise to do this for one week trial first and see if we can ride along the journey

Thanks for reading. Do you have any meal plan that you have been planning to start. I will advise that you take it one day at a time, nothing is impossible. 


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