Day3: One step at a time. 

Day three is here again. We had egg and diced tomatoes as breakfast. Rice and chicken for lunch and Moin Moin for dinner. Apologies if you do not understand the food I mentioned. I am using some of their local names from western Africa, Nigeria precisely. 

So he actually wiped his butt after using the toilet today without my supervision. Although he was kinda noisy and over excited today. Later I found out that he had been sneaking to the refrigerator to take the mango juice I left there. I am sure its the ‘craving’ issue. Like I could just stop all his sweet stuff at once. That is not easy for an adult either. 

I had a very tiring day. Cleaned up the house and two loads of laundary using a manual washing machine. OK, enough of that. I am tired thought I would write more but I have to relax and sleep.

 I want to say thank you to David Snap for following my blog. Yipee! I am so excited and super nervous about that. Pep’s freefromkitchen, thanks for liking my post. 

Good night. Remember, take it one day at a time. Do not give up. And if you are trying weight loss( one of the most difficult goal to follow through), look at the coming month of May and plan for it. One step at a time. You are not alone. 


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