Fresh Outdoor. 

You know the way the TV and computer screen have taken over all child’s play  in almost every community.It  is not a bad thing at all as  there are lots of educative apps that your child can choose and learn from . If you   supervise the kids well, you will also be able to select very good educative cartoon n kids program for them. That aside, you also get to keep them indoors while you either watch with them or like me, have a quick nap while they   are glued to the TV screen watching their favorite kiddies show. In all these, making time for outdoor play is also  really good for the kids and I want to enumerated some of the advantages. 

  • It actually gives them a way of enjoying nature .They see d sky , d sunset, birds ,  they get to see different domestic animals.  
  • They also have a chance of being creative. All the apps and television program are already made. But outdoor play helps children to develop their imaginative minds and creativity.This is because children always play pretend when outdoor. They can be anything, from a cook to a doctor to a dad etc. And they substitute materials around them to amplify their roles.
  • Most children also develop social skills when playing off d screen. You get to know the temperament of each children as they play with their friends and you can also correct any character that doesn’t seem good. They learn teamwork, leadership, taking turns. They also learn to apologise,negotiate  or appeal to other children. Thus enhancing their social skills. In Nigeria,that is what they call “street smartness/credible”
  • It is also good in checking and preventing obesity. Studies have shown that the major reasons for child obesity is diet and sedentary activities like video games. So if you want to make your child physically active, maybe it’s time to ditch the screens.

If we really want to know what our kids are up to and what they know, then give them d time to play off screen and you will be amazed at how much of the world they have observed. 


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