I started a 7 day trial on gluten and casein free diet for my son and we made it. Like I said yesterday, I will continue the diet since I have nothing to loose. I am spontaneous and hated restricted diet. I have tried some dieting personally, the latest being ketogenic diet and I always give up after a couple of days. But yea, I was able to follow through the 7 days trial for my son and I am ready to continue the trip. I have also learnt a few things along the way  and i hope to appky it in future decisiona.

  • One day at a time. When you are starting an unknown journey or target, it may appear overwhelming. But every journey starts with a step. Just take it in bits and before you know it, you have gone the whole nine yards.  
  • Neccesity is the mother of all inventions. At first, I didn’t know how we will be able to switch and drop all the grains, wheat and other GFCF non compliant food, but we got around it. We reinvented our food, created recipes and tried new things. 
  • Love makes you do the craziest things. When you love someone so much, you want to do the best for them. That was definitely one of my propelling factor.
  • I absolutely know that the worst is that there won’t be any change in the symptoms my boy exhibits. So why not give it a try what if its gets better. It can’t be worse.

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