You are not alone

I am a mother of an autistic child. Yes, he is autistic now but i am keeping my faith that he is going to be healed.There is a saying that Without Faith, nothing is possible and with faith everything is possible. So you see why i am not giving up. I keep digging up new... Continue Reading →



It is  the raining season again. And the children coming in to hospital have increased in number. At the waiting rooms, I overheard mothers socialising and discussing their kids' symptoms. The common response to the cause of the flu among kids is "change in weather" . The weather have changed ofcourse, and it is cold... Continue Reading →


I got this post with permission from a talented writer. I really enjoyed it because of the practical solutions she presented.  Good morning folks. I want us to slightly revisit the subject of talking to our children about sex and sexuality.  There's always a controversy about when Christian parents should start talking about sex and... Continue Reading →

hello again!

I am so happy to have started this blogsite. I am a mother and a wife, juggling everything together is really not easy.I am also living in a new place and i haven't made much realtime friends. I have been cuddling my phone more than before and joining discussions on facebook forums. I love reading... Continue Reading →

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